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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Let's Win a Horse Show!

Paul and I recently decided to reboot our lifestyle a bit prior to our trip to Japan coming up in April. The goal is weight loss: to lose a double digit number.
Ever-practical-Paul is winning eye surgery if he meets his mark. He knows that I tend to be motivated by things that are funner (plus my vision is already pretty spot on) so he's offered up a horse show. Yes- a free horse show. Although I'm not entirely sure he realizes exactly how much they cost and I don't know if I want to divulge that information.

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I joined an MMA gym, Dragons Den, down the street from my office to shake things up while still keeping a few drop in classes at the studio close to home. So I can gym anytime, anywhere. The new place offers a noon class + evenings which works perfectly for my schedule and gives traffic the chance to lighten up a bit for the drive home.
Plus I get the chance to punch things during lunch- stress relief!

7 pounds down so far!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Yosemite Visit

Paul and I realized that we have not been on a vacation together since our long weekend in Monterey this time last year. So his Christmas gift, a trip to Yosemite with a two night stay at The Majestic, came at the perfect time to get away.

The weather couldn't have been better with sunny 65 degree days and dry trails. We explored the valley on some absolutely stunning hikes, read books, and ate delicious meals.

I didn't realize how much I needed a moment and it was tempting to stay an extra few days!

Monday, March 13, 2017

New Uses for Old Things- Horse Show Edition

When a feed bucket becomes a wine chiller.
Disclaimer: no horses were deprived dinner as a result of these libations

Sunday, March 12, 2017

RMEC Northern Winter Classic: Sunday

Of all the times to lose a stirrup, why did it have to happen in my Equitation Round? For that matter, why does it ALWAYS seem to happen in my Equitation Rounds?

After such a great week I probably should have left well enough alone, but decided to compete in the Eq 2'6" division and it was not pretty.

A disappointing flat class (let's just tack my right arm to the side of my body please), a lost stirrup in my first round, and a VERY chippy add in the last round.

I have to laugh a bit at this first round video. T was over it and looking for a reason to spook (note the hairy eyeball he gives my videographer as he passes by during the courtesy circle). I lost my stirrup coming out of the pink outside line coming home and made a solid attempt to get it back while simultaneously executing a tight turn to the bending line. No dice. But then for some reason just decided to ride the remainder of the course sans left stirrup, which may have been passable if my last fence didn't showcase my mishap to the judge.

Perhaps if they held a class ridden without stirrups I could hold my own, but for Equitation I think you're supposed to keep them.

If you haven't watched Ellie's Derby video yet- go back a post!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

RMCE Northern Winter Classic: Saturday Derby

Ellie is officially a Derby horse!

Northern Winter Classic ran a $10,000 Derby that offered 3 heights- 2'9"- 3'- 3'3" and Ellie competed at the lowest height. Even though she ROCKED her 3' Division earlier in the week, it was her first time at that height and had only done one 2'9" show late last year.

RMEC has this notoriously realistic, big, scary log- and for as long as I've watched Derbies here, there are inevitably horses that just say, "nope!" The same was true for this show and we lost at least 10 horses to that log in a field of 40+. In most cases they turned to fence three, spotted the scary, and wouldn't go a step closer.

After watching the few horses before Ellie have some tough rounds I climbed to the top of the bleachers to film with a VERY large glass of wine. Not only did she truck around, she had some absolutely adorable jumps!

A score of 66 was well deserved, Ali rode her deep to most of the fences to build her confidence and she was a little quick after a few- probably wondering what the hell she had just jumped and how quickly can she get away from it!

My favorite part of the course was the two stride- she hesitated a touch through the middle but jumped out and got some airtime! And the lovely hand gallop down to the last oxer!

So proud of her!

Teddy jumped around in the 3' group and seemed entirely nonplussed by any of the fences! Unfortunately he had a few moments where he got a bit quick and scampered through a few lead changes. The spread between judges scores was significant- 74 and 80 for an average of 77. Pretty inline with what we saw earlier in the Open Division placings. 
The cutoff for Top 12 was 77.5 so he just missed the Handy by a hair! Really pleased with his round!