Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Winter is Here

Ellie- you LIVE on this side of the arena. Chill out.

Monday, November 23, 2015


Somebody came out to look at Wilbur on Friday with their trainer and liked him enough to set up a prepurchase exam.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, feeling sad on my way out to the barns. Should I even stop and visit Wilbur? Will it make me more sad? But I packed this tiny bag of carrots just for him!

I stopped of course.

As he was walking towards me I noticed something glinting on his face. Huh.
Gah! Jesus! What do I do?!?

Freak out and call the vet is what I do. After sending a series of photos and awaiting a response I said, "Man up Emily and freaking go to Westhaven, get some triple antibiotic stuff, and a working student to help." After texting this plan to the vet- she promptly responded with a "stitches needed, don't touch."
 Two hours later, Wilbur was sewn up and looked good as new!  Well....kinda. In addition to slicing open his face, he managed to bang a major nerve and his nose is lilting to one side. Awesome. Way to look neurological right before a vet check!

And Sunday began the outpatient care- Dex, Bute, Swat. Luckily I've passed the baton to his trainer this week to keep up with and will be back out tomorrow with the vet for a recheck and vaccinations! Oh Wilbur.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dover Grand Opening

I attended the Thursday evening Dover Grand Opening with a few coworkers and friends....and the place was a mad house. But so, so fabulous! 

If you can believe it, I didn't buy a single thing- it was so packed you could barely get close enough to swipe a crop or pair of gloves. I did manage to try on a Samshield and First Lady for comparison purposes- it was such a luxury to actually be able to see fit! 

I contented myself with cleaning and organizing my trunks on Sunday and looking at the things I have but never actually use as a consolation prize. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Barn Hangout!

What is more fun than an impromptu Barn Hangout? NOTHING! What IS a barn hangout? It's when friends from barns gone by all get together and visit! Some early morning Saturday texting led to a visit to Westhaven by my friend Sarah, and former Ellie trainer, Emma!

Sarah has Finn just down the street and Emma had the chance to catch them rocking their morning lesson, and then they both headed over for my 11am on Ellie! Naturally I was like the prerequisite to watching is also obliging to take video- hence the below.

Afterwards we grabbed some Mexican, cocktails, and, of course, gossip. Nothing better!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tidying Up

After a day of feeling frantic, I'm looking forward to reading this tonight! Ah Amazon Prime- how I love thee- free overnight shipping with the addition of these cute paper clips for the Day Designer I treated myself to for my Birthday.
Hopefully by the time January rolls around I will be uncluttered and ready to design my days into something less chaotic.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's a Cat Kind of Wednesday

I wonder if Linus knows that Felix is there?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

No Stirrup November

All three of my trainers seem to have come to the general consensus that Emily will not jump up until she is bored to tears over her current fence height.

Haha trainers. Fine. I'll show you- I'll make this more amusing by jumping everything without stirrups.

Seriously though, since I am crooked on the flat and wiggly towards the fences, I've taken delight in dropping my stirrups to get more centered in the saddle and a deeper, more confident seat riding up to jumps. Not to mention that riding sans irons is continuing to develop my leg and heel.

Now if I could only get that same pleasure out of posting the trot without stirrups. This has the potential to be a looonnnggg winter.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ears Pricked

PAUL came to the barn on Saturday! Of course I was SO excited to show him how far we'd come since he's last seen me ride....but my ulterior motive was to get some blog content....Emily actually rides her horse sometimes.

Poor Paul- he had no idea the wrath he was in for when he innocently commented shortly after the lesson that my phone had run out of storage and his phone had died.

He had some work to finish up today and since I have staunchly decided that I will not work, nor be guilt-ed into working on the weekends, went to get a pedicure which then led to a glass of wine at a local wine bar happy hour before heading home. While I was perusing the still photos (apologies for the pixel- fail..... sweetie- it's called zoom) I realized that I had a gem of a shot on my hands. It was all I could to not to jet out on my wine to get to this blog. A picture of "Ever Angry Ellie" with her ears FORWARD! It does happen occasionally and here was photographic proof!

Paul- all is forgiven.