Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Waggoner Farm

All those productive things I planned to do over Holiday break right? Catch up on blogs, create a 2015 calender, set a vacation schedule. That all fell by the wayside and I spent the Holiday in Ohio reading Ann Rule True Crime novels and eating cookies.

And now we're home and Paul wants to paint the basement.
Before I bundle up with paintbrush in hand I wanted to share a few photos from the Waggoner Farm in Findlay Ohio, soon to be recognized as a Century Farm.
Just missing the gravel pile we used to play in

Up in the rafters of the old barn

Why farm some when you can Farmall?

View on the way to the "pink rock"

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

My blogger gift was waiting for me when I got home on Wednesday night but as it was late and I had no wine I decided to carry on with the suspense until I could open with proper fanfare.

Blogger bud- Carly from Poor Woman Showing- must have known that I had worn holes in every single pair of riding socks at this point and I got 8- yes 8- new pairs. Zebras, Elephants, Argyle, Neon. I'm going to be the hippest girl at the barn- but more importantly- sans blisters!

We can't forget about the ponies of course- each got their own (labeled- which I thought was adorable) bag of peppermints. Perfect timing because Ellie keeps trying to sneak candy canes off the wreaths decorating the barn!

I am always in need of Chocolate in my life- but really this Hershey filled cane should read "Paul" instead of "Emily." Paul has this habit of eating one sweet treat a day until I finally go to indulge and find only crumbs. One spoonful of ice cream, one tiny slice of pie.....and one Hershey Kiss. Every day until they're gone.
We can't fault him- it's just his way.
So basically. I'm hiding these.

Finally the cats. How in the world did Carly know the perfect gift for cats? They are going to get so much enjoyment out of this box!

Thank you Carly (Poor Woman Showing)!!! You are awesome and hilarious!

And of course thanks to Tracy at Fly On Over for hosting the Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Unnecessary Vet Visits

It occurred to me as I was driving out to visit Wilbur on Saturday morning that if anything had happened to him during the stormy past few days that I wasn't in a great position. Leaving for Vegas in a few hours and being gone for five days does not a self-care situation make.

Sure enough he had a lump the size of Europe on his right haunch and in the slick mud it looked like he had literally dislocated a hip. A quick video/ photo text to the vet and it looked like he would be fine to wait it out until Monday when Natasha could stop out and visit.

Fast forward to Saturday evening, having dinner with my friend, Kasey, in Vegas who happens to have three horses at her farm. "Oh- a hematoma- it'll likely be gone by Monday," she said. "What's a hematoma?" I ask. A bruise. I am an idiot.

Sure enough he was sound with just a sensitive little spot where the monstrous lump previously resided.

I was not worried about the vet bill- I just don't want to turn into the "girl who cried wolf." Clearly I will be keeping Kasey on speed dial from now on.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Viva Las Vegas

Vegas at 6:30am

It's a ghost town.

Outfit prep with friends!

Fun dinner with some of the team!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hacks By Lexi

While I'm away at our Sales Meeting- the awesome Lexi was kind enough to hack Ells on non-training days!
They look so cute!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hunkered Down

I stayed inside today and kept my two kitties company. A little wind and lots of rain.....so much rain.
A text from Emma that all was well at the barn and I assume Wilbur is enjoying some mud bathes.

I braved the weather to hit the gym tonight and Paul picked me up to see Birdman at the Piedmont Theater.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Storm of the Decade

The hatches have been battened down for what the news is calling the storm of the decade- due to hit the Bay somewhere between 10pm and tomorrow morning (unsurprisingly vague). Some reports are saying 8 inches of rain and winds at 60mph. 
Schools will be closed (and possibly bridges too) tomorrow. 

While what I'm actually anticipating a light sprinkle (I grew up in the Midwest- the weatherman is ALWAYS wrong) I did speak with the trainers just to make sure everything was prepped. Classic worried horsemom! 
I'm actually less concerned about Wilbur in his pasture than I am about Ellie hurting herself in the stall. 

Cheers to some much needed rain and our Northern Cali horses weathering the storm safely!
Yes- Brook is busy clipping her dog!

All tucked away!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Two Horse Night

Tonight was a two horse evening.

Ellie would have been slightly hilarious if she wasn't so crabby. Brook had set trot/ canter poles all over the ring and every time we steered towards a set both Ellie's ears and trot perked up. Around the corners? Not so much. Try slow motion posting.

Not quite willing to dig into her too much until we have her on the gastro stuff. Then- game on lady.

A quick stop out to Brown Ranch- Sunny and Wilbur are getting shoes tomorrow and I needed to leave a check for the farrier. I did not even attempt to visit Wilbur. That place was pitch black with a few folks wandering around in headlamps.
Saving that adventure for another day!

Sunny stops over for a visit!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Theme of the Weekend: Mud

A very long video of Ellie rolling in mud. In slow motion.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sister Sister!

The highlight of my weekend was meeting up with my youngest sister, Celia, for dinner. Newly transplanted to SF from NY and fresh off of 6 months travel time in Southeast Asia we had a GREAT time catching up!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sunsets and Grass

Mom & Me time was spend grazing tonight before onwards to the gym. We've been having a lot of rain in the Bay (much needed!) but the weather has not been motivating me to get up and to the gym in the mornings.

I am supposed to be riding Ellie every evening to try and connect under saddle but something just doesn't feel quite right. Her crankiness is carrying beyond my rides and into training rides as well. She's totally sound and doesn't seem to have any soreness.

It must be ulcers.

But seriously- it may be ulcers so we're going to start her on some type of Gastro-guard offshoot and worst case have her scoped to see what's going on in there. My gut (haha) is telling me that we simply haven't found the right combination of mare medicine and tummy medicine. And maybe saddle fit. Sigh.

It's funny. One horse has a go button but refuses to jump anything. The other will jump the moon but doesn't want to go.

I wonder what a Wilbur- Ellie hybrid would look like? Probably a horse that won't go OR jump but would be extremely nice to look at!
Expensive Lawn Mower

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Velvet Willow and the Florabella Action Sets

I ran across a blog quite awhile ago- Velvet Willow- that had such a compelling story and beautiful photography. The owner of this blog also produces a series of Photoshop actions that are just amazing. While I currently edit with Radlab (which I LOVE and is SO easy to use) I couldn't help but follow along on the Florabella facebook page and admire the gorgeous images on the website. Plus she's one of us "horse gals."

So for my Black Friday purchase I treated myself to the Muse + Color & Light bundle. I always like to include an image in my posts and I try use personal photography- even if it's a quick, unedited iPhone snap.

I'm excited to dust of my Canon and start playing around!
Photo by Florabella

Monday, December 1, 2014

Deck the Mantle

I am a terrible decorator and I abandon cart regularly at Target- it happened again today over my lunch break- dozens of snowmen just left behind.

While waiting for my iPhone to be fixed (ta-da! Apple is the way to go) I raided West Elm and then made an emergency wreath stop at Target on the way home. It's an awkward balance of finding cute stuff that I won't find broken and mangled on the floor after the cats do a full investigation.

Going to Pinterest a few inspirations because I still think it looks a bit bare. Maybe a garland or two?

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Basement Redo: Part 1

My phone was in off mode all weekend and snuggled in a Wigwam sock waiting for the VERY exciting appointment tomorrow to get a brand new screen. While it was nice to be unplugged for a bit I didn't get any horse snaps from the weekend.

What we did get was photos of me wire brushing and sanding our basement as it gets ready for a new coat of paint and new doors to keep the kitties organized. Yes. Those are swimming goggles. 

I've gotten absolutely hooked to the podcast Serial so we listened with rapt attention while spending LOTS of time spend in that basement this weekend. Whew!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

So very much to be Thankful for this year!
VERY happy to be spending this day with my new niece Siena!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Shattered Screen

Even furry Polly can't make me feel better about dropping my new work iPhone 6 on the barn floor tonight. Suggestions for shattered screens welcome!