Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Circle of Doom

What does this giant circle represent? Good guess but the orange is not footing with a dash of red for texture. This circle is clearly a fiery pit of hell.

The act of sketching it out was cathartic enough that I'm actually able to write about it now.


Saturday we worked on the circle of doom- 4 fences set on a perfect 20 meter circle. This should net us 4 strides between each jump. Easy right?

This exercise gets me every time. Oh Ellie, a slight bulge to the outside? That's 5 strides. An over correction from me? An ugly 3.5.

We've been working a lot on staying centered in the saddle so I finally gave up my stirrups and had one of the best rounds of the day. Who knew!

What exercise is your nemesis?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Tack Haul

I'm sure I'll eventually get around to doing the Smartpak blog hop that has been circulating- I do love me some Smartpak!

But when I lost the metal top to my hoofpick somewhere in Ellie's stall (I know- it's giving me nightmares too) I'm gonna turn to Riding Warehouse for the win!
Where else can I get free overnight shipping?

It was not the most exciting of haul's- just running low on some grooming supplies.

I just couldn't resist......
The super sale Jacket that everyone has been talking about! It might be a little avant garde for Hunters but I think the color will look so pretty on Ellie!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Helper Elf

Loved having my pint sized helper at the barn on Saturday! She is too cute for words and Ellie is such a kind mare around little folks!

Little Miss Jill comes to the barn with Polly on Saturdays and has been kind enough to hold Ellie for me while she gets tacked up. She obviously came prepared to ride and tootled around on Roman before our lesson. I'm planning to give her a spin on Ellie next week!

Monday, October 19, 2015

If You Give an Appaloosa a Carrot

He's going to demand more and ruin your selfie.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


I know what we're all going to say here...."Ellie is SO CUTE." Which she is. But her hidden talent? She's a contortionist.
A bit of a gangly teen whose favorite pose is to stand with her front hooves spread out like a giraffe. There's a little bit of that in this picture.

But it's her back legs. Notice how both of her hooves are pointed to her left? It's a little creepy right? She does this all the time.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Skinny Like a Hawaiian Surfer

Since returning home Paul and I have embarked on a bit of a health kick.

On one of our last days of the trip Paul sat me down and told me that he wanted to be skinny. Skinny like a Hawaiian surfer. I'm still not sure exactly what that means but I said, "sure....put a plan together."

I'll be the first to admit that we will often SAY that we are going to make changes to our lifestyle, but those rarely ever stick.

So what are we doing this time to make it different? While we don't have hard and fast rules, and each person is responsible for themselves, we do have some basics in mind that should help shift our habits.

1. No alcohol in the house. I love a glass of wine (or two) after work and we can sometimes indulge at home over the weekend. If we want a cocktail we need to go out for it.

2. Stock the fridge. We tend to eat out more frequently over the weekends because, while we have food at home for lunch and dinner during the week, it's usually consumed by Friday.  While picking up salads from Farmer Joes might be delicious- we are probably making them larger than needed.

3. Weight Watchers. For me. Paul uses My Fitness Pal. I've had success on the program before and have an annual online membership. I've recommitted to tracking points and it's been great. I have a feeling that while I thought I was eating healthily during the week, I was getting more calories than I needed.

4. Workouts. I've been a trooper about going to the gym- but the best way for me to commit is to go every day (classes are held 6 days a week). Even if I don't give it 100% every time, keeping the routine intact is crucial to keep me going.

5. Eat breakfast. Which I've been better about, usually after gym in the mornings, and I end up with a yogurt parfait from the local coffee shop. Now I'm just going to make them at home- smaller, and with healthier ingredients.

6. I've committed to cooking one weekday meal a week. Hopefully this will change up the chicken/rice/veggie routine and keep things interesting.

7. This may sound silly, but Paul and I have scheduled a weekly touchbase. Part of my WW success was my weekly meeting so hopefully during this time we can chat about challenges and plan meals for the week.

4 days and I'm feeling really good! Two coworkers are on a detox diet so we can all commiserate about our lack of wines. They also tuned me into a neato invention- a kitchen gadget that makes Zucchini noodles! I'm taking my first stab at it and we're having "spaghetti" tonight!
Hopefully once the "sparkle" of change wears off we will be feeling enough of a change in our bodies to keep us motivated!

What are your healthy habits that keep you on track?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Barn Friends are Winning this Week!

Not only was it fun getting to the barn this weekend to ride (Ellie's fat ankle is no more).....

BUT I got to celebrate with two barn friends! Emily's Tio is back to working under saddle after a suspensory issue and Jen has moved to a new barn and is enjoying lessons on Marco while her horse, Oso, is on the mend!

Good news all around! Now if I could just find the good light....
Emily and T

Jen and Marco

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pina Coladas Fix Everything

Wilbur's ad on Bay Area Equestrian popped into my newsfeed on our very first day of vacation and I couldn't decide whether to be happy to have the ball rolling towards getting him sold or having a small cry in the bathroom.

I turned my phone off and opted for three Pina Coladas.
And a Mai Tai.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Home from Hawaii

Paul and I had a wonderful 10 days in Maui. We ended up spending time on all parts of the Island despite staying in Hana for 6 full days! Of course I had to see some ponies while I was there and the Festival of Aloha didn't disappoint! A pair of riders representing each of the Islands and their beautifully decked out steeds!

We went on a snorkeling tour, various hikes, and had plenty of beach time!
Who can resist a decorated horse?

View from our Hana Cottage

Taking the road less traveled- around the South side of the Island