Thursday, February 18, 2016

Where in the World?

For lack of horse stories and the mental capacity to describe my three good rides last weekend I thought I'd instead share my new treasure- simply known as Backpack.

Around this time last year I ended up immobilized with bicep tendinitis literally from carrying my over-the-shoulder laptop bag through the airports. My wonderful Paul had the forethought to research and purchase the best new laptop backpack I've ever seen. It made its debut at AETA in Philly and has since been to Salt Lake, Arkansas, Vegas, and will be heading to NYC tomorrow with a Seattle trip next week to round out the bunch.

I love this thing. Super chic, super deep, holds a TON of stuff with nifty compartments to hide cords, pens, wallets, waterbottles. Best of all- I can pack it full and carry it easily- what a relief!
Felt and Leather Fabulous

I see an oversized baggage charge in my future

Monday, February 8, 2016

Remnants of the Super Bowl

There were a good deal more Broncos fans waiting to get on the flight back to Denver at SFO than there were getting on at the next gate to XNA (that's Northwest Arkansas). I opted for the *new* non-stop flight from SFO to XNA and spent a nail-biting three hours on a plane that sat 45 people tops.

Prior to boarding United had asked for volunteers for a potential oversell situation. Once we all got situated they asked all of those volunteers to get off because the plane was to heavy. Oh geez.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


I pulled out all the stops with Ellie's outfit in our Saturday lesson. If we're going to bumble around over some crossrails at least we're going to look damn good doing it.
The first time in her bright white Ogilvy baby pad (LOVE-it doesn't shift at all)- and Ellie's added a pop of color with her Navy boots. In turn- I'm trying out the new Navy Charles Owen and pairing my White Sunstopper with Navy breeches.
I wasn't kidding- blur of Navy and Dapples.

Of course a great ROOTD (Riding Outfit of the Day) isn't complete without a fashionable lesson friend to join you!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

AETA Round 2....Except

Even with the best of intentions to share AETA spoils my week has consisted of....
Back and forth.

And even the best laid plans get thwarted. Luckily a coworker and I had scoped out the Charles Owen booth on Sunday for our prizes so when noon Monday rolled around I was able to duck out for a moment and pick up the goods using the excuse "Vivia will kill me if I don't get her helmet."
It's navy and even in this unattractive light, I love it. I can just see us now- a blur of dapples and navy. Now let's get to the barn!