Monday, July 8, 2013

Tiny Tumble

The barn is closed on Monday, no one is around, and I like to sneak Wilbur an extra flake of hay.
I had my first fall on him this past Saturday. We had been jumping a line of two fences- the first had a faux boulder off to the side and the second had a flower box off to the side. Each time we came through the line Kelly would move both a little closer to the middle of the fence.

I was so excited by our progress that I shouted to my friend (and coworker) Jen to "watch me jump." Total 5 year old move. By this time the boulder had moved directly to the middle of the fence.

Wilbur seems a bit slow at times but sure has an eye for distance and the second he realized that the boulder had made a three inch move he stopped and spun around. We really should make him a cutting horse! He went right, I went left, and I popped up to find him wandering out of the ring over towards Jen who must have looked like she had a treat.

No one was hurt and I was due for a fall. It's good to remind oneself that they're not that bad.
Then I hopped on and did the line twice more. With the silly boulder sitting three inches to the right of the middle.

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