Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hometown Riding and Old Friends

Kate and I grew up across the street from one another and rode together at Holly Hill Farm. We would round up at her house and set fences in her backyard to jump our "horses" over. Man- she had an awesome backyard for galloping around- no wonder she's in the eventing world now! Some gentle slopes, a hill, trees- all the makings of a good cross country course. We had pretty rich imaginations- folding chairs served as standards with brooms laid across for poles. And daredevils we were- the higher the better! We practiced so frequently that her Dad finally built us a real set of fences!

While I was back home in Cleveland I had the opportunity to stop by the barn Kate trains at, hop on Angelica, and pop over a few crossrails! I am so proud that my old friend is getting to pursue what has been, for the two of us, a lifelong passion!

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