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Sunday, August 24, 2014

KMT Schooling Show

We had a bit of a challenging day at the KMT Schooling Show today. Admittedly I probably should not have attempted it- I've been MIA for most of August. Not riding regularly + lazy horse = sore calves.
We're struggling at the canter- she's either moments from breaking to a trot or running around with ears pinned at a "gallop" because I've got my leg in her side. We're just not going to achieve that nice flow to a hunter course if I can't get her going consistently at an even pace.
New goal for September? Learn to canter nicely.

We did end up Reserve Champion out of a division of two and I was super happy for the little KMT student who won- she rode really well. The big outdoor ring is sectioned off by small divider gates to give some extra space to those coming in and out and Bear was so excited to be jumping that after his last line in the last class he and his little tot just jumped right out of the ring! Added some excitement to the morning.

I didn't take any snaps from the show today so instead please enjoy my new Ariat vest! It's orange!


  1. I think it's awesome you did the show, sounds like you came away with a good goal. :)

    I am so jealous of your vest!

  2. I like going to shows even when you aren't 100% ready! Add more fuel to the fire, and at least it was one of the at home shows but still a good gauge of progress for you two.

  3. I like your September goal. One of my trademark moves is (trying to) canter around the ring and saying out loud "I wish I didn't suck at cantering"

  4. Love Ariat clothes. LOVE THEM ALL

  5. Sometimes just getting out there and doing it is a feat in itself!

  6. Even if it didn't go perfectly now you have a good grip on where to go next right? Love the vest!

  7. Ah yes, the hunter canter. Once you figure out the secret, please share =)