Monday, June 29, 2015

Every Day Tack Setup

Thanks to Stephanie at Hand Gallop for her Blog Hop: Every Day Tack Setup

Our daily "look" is pretty simple....clean and classic is our aesthetic.

Equifit T-Boots (not pictured here because I typically hack without boots)

Smartpak Lite AP pads These SP pads have a nice shape, are light, and cheap- trifecta! That said- I do have a cart full of Ogilvy pads ready to go....

Ultra Thinline Trifecta Half Pad  This fits her back and the saddle nicely and seems to provide support

CWD Saddle and Stirrup Leathers Bought used and in mint condition- recently repaneled so it really is like new

Royal Rider Stirrups which are just fine for schooling but will be grabbing a pair of MDC S Classic Stirrups for the Hunter ring soon

Nantucket by Smartpak Bridle It appears that SP has stopped making this bridle- which is a shame because I love it- great fit and soft leathers

Sparkle Bit  aka Tom Balding #6 Ballhinge Ring Snaffle, plain Dee, or the new Waterford that Hillary sent me

No Name Fleece Girth that in all honesty needs to be replaced sooner than later....girth suggestions anyone?

Sometimes when she feels like switching out her nail color she wears her Purple Bell Boots.
They both look a little awkward here- I love it!


  1. Well you already know my obsession with CWD. And go for the MDC S classic... I don't think you'll regret it. I would have paid double for them. They are the only stirrups I have tried that I can ride without my feet tingling or knee/ back pain.

  2. I want those irons too!!

    I've been having major issues with my feet/ankles latley

  3. i love the sparkle bit!!!! also that pic is super cute haha