Wednesday, December 16, 2015

DIY- Not a Good Idea for Holiday

It was an angry Sunday at my house. I had embarked on a number of DIY projects for the Holidays and I realized that I would be losing half a week to travel (nothing better than Vegas in December... interesting side note- they're actually hosting Republican Debate in my hotel tonight) and would need to get gifts shipped and projects completed before our barn party this coming Saturday.

My day consisted of a frantic search for my glue gun (which I never found), slightly burnt homemade horse cookies, and a spray paint manicure (not enough primer in the world to get it off) later I still have a few things to wrap up when I get home.

I may not be a crafting natural- but I did find time to decorate with a few things to get us into the Holiday spirit!


  1. I love your fireplace! Thinking of painting mine white :)

  2. Maybe you can make the spray paint manicure be a thing?

  3. holiday craft fails are my least favorite. and yet i keep trying.... hope yours turned out better!