Monday, January 23, 2017

Barn Besties Gettin Sh&t Done

Morgan said- "Let's meet at 10 to ride. Then I'll help you get your second ready."
Despite my best efforts to get out early and have one already done...I showed up at 10.

Both Tio and Teddy need long warm up walks so we rode them together. Then Morgan said, "Leave Teddy in the crossties, I'll take care of him, and you go get Ellie going."

The barn was pretty quiet on Sunday and I could see Ellie being a little fresh. Morgan said, "Don't worry, I'll clean my tack up by the arena so you have a buddy while you ride."

I got off Ellie and put her away- and when I came back, Morgan was sweeping my crossties and cleaning Ellie's boots.

She was a total godsend on Sunday! So glad to have wonderful friends at the barn!

Photo: The Three Amigos + Morgan


  1. You can't beat having a barn buddy like that!

  2. Riding besties are, quite literally, THE BEST

  3. Aw, that's so nice, what a great barn buddy@