Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wilbur's First Horse Show

This is what Wilbur was up to when I showed up at Robinson's Park in Livermore this morning. Calmly munching hay. Which is pretty much what he did all day save for his walks to the show ground.

I tried to lend a helping hand, since this was a KMT schooling show, by passing out ribbons. Quite challenging actually. No one seemed really interested in picking up their ribbons right away so I mostly just stood around with handfuls of them.
I found my niche in the back gate where I spent the time organizing the order and cajoling the pony kids to sign up for a spot.

Wilbur and I get a portrait snap on one of our walks! He's looking for a treat and my pockets were stuffed full of them!

Selfie of Wilbur and I wandering around in the warm up ring!
I KNOW you have treats mom!
Heading back home at the end of a great day! Go Wilbur!

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