Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Day in the Life....

Tracy from Fly on Over did a great post detailing a "day in her life" and then did something awesome by turning it into a blog hop! Because really? Who doesn't want a sneak peek into how others fit everything in!

I chose to chronicle today's events because this schedule will soon become the norm every Tuesday and Thursday. Enjoy!

5:20: Alarm goes off and I hop *slowly* out of bed, grab a quick shower, snag my prepacked bag, and zoom out the door

5:50: Swing through Peet's for a much needed coffee

6:22: Arrive at the barn and sit in front of the barn bathroom space heater mustering up the energy to get Ellie out. While I'm in there one of the guys turns on the arena lights and begins dragging.

6:55: Ellie is tacked up and I am ON! Emma arrives just in time for my 7am lesson. Ellie is in forward form again and we have fun trotting and cantering around (minus a few bucks). Love them spurs!

7:30: Jump off, get Ellie put away, and tack cleaned.

8: Thank Emma- what a great way to start the day! Jump in my car and alternate between analyzing my lesson, listening to talk radio, and being stressed about work.

8:35: Arrive at the office, switch out tall boots for Toms in the parking lot, and decide that breeches instead of jeans would suffice for work attire.
Spend a moment feeling sad about the clutter in my trunk and vowing to wash saddle pads.
9-12:10: Meetings. Unexpected meetings, meetings that run long, meetings that I am running late to. All the meetings.

12:15: Realize that I am a bit jittery from all my coffee. Coworker and I divide and conquer- I go to Chipotle and she makes a Target run (*cough* Valentine's stuff *cough*). My youngest sister confirmed on the phone tonight that I am basically the worst person ever.

On my way out the door I run into our CEO. As we chat about the biz for a moment, she gives me a once over, and I immediately rethink my decision to wear the breeches. Too late!

12:33: Back at my desk to tackle all of the stuff! One of those days where there is so much to do yet nothing seems to get done!

1:30: Take a moment to visit with my "cube dog" Zoe!

2:15: A friend stops by my desk to tell me she's horse shopping. We huddle to look at videos and discuss.

4:30: Some visitors poke their heads in. They must be getting rid of samples because I end up with some loot! Is it free? I'll take it!
I also took the opportunity to open a package that arrived while I was out of town- some new show I have to do a little showing right?
5:35: I look up from my work pile and realize that I'm going to be late to the gym if I don't skedaddle!

5:40-6:20: Race towards home (and by race I mean slowly crawl), swearing intermittently at other drivers while mumbling to myself about work.

6:22: Run inside, change, leave for gym.

6:37: Cannot. find. a. place. to. park. Late for class. Feeling equal parts annoyed and tired. Decide to go to the grocery (originally planned for after gym) to pick up salad, blue cheese crumbles, and pears.

7: Pull into home (again), leave everything in the car, and go for a walk. I just wanted to get moving! Tomorrow is a new day and I will go to the gym! It's been so hard to go on the random days that I've been home. MUST get back to schedule!

7:30-9: Do catbox, put away new things, wrap Valentine's gift, start blog, fix salads, prep for tomorrow.

9-9:30: Paul gets home from swimming, we start dinner, and I insist on watching an old episode of Top Chef.

9:45: In bed rereading "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"

10: Hit publish on this blog and lights out! That's a wrap on this day!


  1. I'm impressed that you get a lesson in before work! On another note, the shirt with the lace on the arms...I definitely need that one. It's times like these that I realky miss the Ariat Employee Discount I got when I was the buyer for a tack shop. It's totally worth full price though :)

  2. So jealous of your cube dog and those INSANELY gorgeous show shirts. Is that lace mesh on the white one? Whaaa?!

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  4. I like the white shirt!

  5. -cries- I WANT A CUBE DOG! And also, I want to get free horse stuff at work.

    But mostly, CUBE DOG

  6. wow - impressed by your ability to make a 7am lesson!! it does sound like a great way to start the day tho

  7. Ah, HP is very good note to end the day on :)

  8. I love your lesson before work schedule! And free goodies? HECK YES!

  9. Love love love the lace shirt. Also love Top Chef. Love all the things.

  10. Sounds like an excellent day to me, just a bit early for my taste though haha :)

  11. I really like that white shirt!! Fitting in a riding lesson before work sounds so lovely, I would really enjoy that