Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What Did I Bring Home from AETA?

A head cold.

And a pair Knix Wear Undies, my AETA treat.

Spring is always a challenging show- the weather is terrible, flights are brutal, attendance is limited (Paul asked who in the world would be there on Superbowl Sunday. The answer? No one).

I go to AETA for three reasons:

1. Retail partners. I love getting the face to face time with our accounts. I don't often get the show the line so I'm always eager for walk ins- it's not hard to be passionate about the English biz. Most of the team spent the Superbowl having dinner at the Melting Pot while entertaining clients. I was busy (between Katy Perry and fondue) showing an account from the CLE area photos that my Dad had texted of the snow covered house and apologizing for living in sunny CA.

2. Friends (Old and New). The English team are some of the hardest working gals I know! I love spending time with them and am glad to have them as friends!

I also had the chance to connect with some new friends at dinner on Saturday night! Amanda from The $900 Facebook Pony was at the show as well and coordinated a meetup that included Alli from Pony'Tude, Jenn from Stories from the Saddle, and Pam the owner of Mango Bay. A big thanks to Alli and Jenn for taking the time to drive over from their various parts of Pennsylvania! Horse people are the best kind of people and it's truly amazing to be able to meet folks from all over the country that share the common passion of horses and writing.

3. WaWa. The name alone is amazing but I could also live on the Tastykake Krimpets.
This Epic jacket on the plane row in front of me. Sir- please do not smack me with your fringe. 

WaWa on a Monday morning- nothing better. 

Yes please. One of each! 

Dinner with these awesome gals! Alli, Amanda, Jenn, and Pam!

I might be a bit biased but our booth looks good! 

Friends from the team looking stylin. Minus the hat. 

Busy booth was the theme of the weekend! 

Lots of GREAT new product for Fall '15!


  1. Yall look so happy at dinner! :)

  2. Loved getting to know you at dinner, and glad AETA was a big fat success for you! Also, I think I need some of that underwear in my life...

  3. SO NICE to meet you at dinner on Saturday! I'm glad you have come over to the dark side of Wawa :)

  4. mmmm Wawa coffee. and ice tea lemonade. and sandwiches. Sounds like a fun trip!

  5. This is now the second time I'm hearing about Wawa...adding it to my 'to try' list.

  6. I hope I don't look that creepy in person. It was good to meet you too, and it looked like Ariat was super busy at AETA!

  7. WaWa is pretty much my first stop every time I go back to the Philly area. There is a Cheesesteak place here in San Jose that sell TastyKakes. I sometimes contemplate having a friend ship me a box, but I figure I'd eat them all in < a week.

  8. mmm tastykake!!! glad you had such a good time :)