Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Circle of Doom

What does this giant circle represent? Good guess but the orange is not footing with a dash of red for texture. This circle is clearly a fiery pit of hell.

The act of sketching it out was cathartic enough that I'm actually able to write about it now.


Saturday we worked on the circle of doom- 4 fences set on a perfect 20 meter circle. This should net us 4 strides between each jump. Easy right?

This exercise gets me every time. Oh Ellie, a slight bulge to the outside? That's 5 strides. An over correction from me? An ugly 3.5.

We've been working a lot on staying centered in the saddle so I finally gave up my stirrups and had one of the best rounds of the day. Who knew!

What exercise is your nemesis?


  1. Ahhh yes, the lovely circle of death exercise! I don't think this is easy AT ALL: it requires an intense amount of concentration and thinking, and once you get into a groove, you try your hardest to stay there so the strides work themselves out. The circle of death gets me every time though!

  2. ugh this gives me flashbacks haha