Thursday, October 15, 2015

Skinny Like a Hawaiian Surfer

Since returning home Paul and I have embarked on a bit of a health kick.

On one of our last days of the trip Paul sat me down and told me that he wanted to be skinny. Skinny like a Hawaiian surfer. I'm still not sure exactly what that means but I said, "sure....put a plan together."

I'll be the first to admit that we will often SAY that we are going to make changes to our lifestyle, but those rarely ever stick.

So what are we doing this time to make it different? While we don't have hard and fast rules, and each person is responsible for themselves, we do have some basics in mind that should help shift our habits.

1. No alcohol in the house. I love a glass of wine (or two) after work and we can sometimes indulge at home over the weekend. If we want a cocktail we need to go out for it.

2. Stock the fridge. We tend to eat out more frequently over the weekends because, while we have food at home for lunch and dinner during the week, it's usually consumed by Friday.  While picking up salads from Farmer Joes might be delicious- we are probably making them larger than needed.

3. Weight Watchers. For me. Paul uses My Fitness Pal. I've had success on the program before and have an annual online membership. I've recommitted to tracking points and it's been great. I have a feeling that while I thought I was eating healthily during the week, I was getting more calories than I needed.

4. Workouts. I've been a trooper about going to the gym- but the best way for me to commit is to go every day (classes are held 6 days a week). Even if I don't give it 100% every time, keeping the routine intact is crucial to keep me going.

5. Eat breakfast. Which I've been better about, usually after gym in the mornings, and I end up with a yogurt parfait from the local coffee shop. Now I'm just going to make them at home- smaller, and with healthier ingredients.

6. I've committed to cooking one weekday meal a week. Hopefully this will change up the chicken/rice/veggie routine and keep things interesting.

7. This may sound silly, but Paul and I have scheduled a weekly touchbase. Part of my WW success was my weekly meeting so hopefully during this time we can chat about challenges and plan meals for the week.

4 days and I'm feeling really good! Two coworkers are on a detox diet so we can all commiserate about our lack of wines. They also tuned me into a neato invention- a kitchen gadget that makes Zucchini noodles! I'm taking my first stab at it and we're having "spaghetti" tonight!
Hopefully once the "sparkle" of change wears off we will be feeling enough of a change in our bodies to keep us motivated!

What are your healthy habits that keep you on track?


  1. sounds like a great plan! i agree that the routine is critical too, and perhaps the hardest part of sticking to the plan is creating that routine in the first place. good luck!

  2. Love that you're supporting each other. Good luck!

  3. It's nice to have a partner in losing weight. I lost a lot of weight 2 years ago on a diet, but I hated every living second of it and decided I'd rather be happy than skinny. I do need to haul my ass to the gym though. I can't believe you go 6 days a week; that's awesome.

  4. I got that zucchini noodle maker too - it's awesome. Also try spaghetti squash - a pasta substitute that's easy and delicious. :D

  5. That is an awesome plan, and you are totally badass for hitting the gym 6 days a week!

    I find that meal planning is key for us to stay on a healthy diet. We spend some time each week comparing schedules (and we have a shared calendar on Google because we are very dorky people) and deciding who will cook on which night, making grocery lists, and trying to set ourselves up for success. It mostly works, although there have been some days where we just order a pizza and have zero regrets. :P

    Good luck!

  6. I have a "spiralizer", too! Makes great vegetable noodles 😊
    You go girl !!!!❤️

  7. Beach body 21 day fix! It's been great to get my body back after baby Bruce! I love mfp too!