Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Clinic Prep: Elevator Speech

Wowza! So many fantastic and HELPFUL comments for the upcoming clinic- thanks Blog friends!

One of my favorite tips, echoed by a number of comments, is to prep a short, yet insightful, background about Ellie and I.

I figured I'd detail a number of bullets, memorize, and use based on her introductory questions.

 The Good:

  • Building confidence
  • Tidy execution- the handier the better
  • Improving transitions 
The Gaps:
  • Hind end engagement on the flat
  • Lateral movements off leg alone 
  • Understanding ideal flatwork prep to prepare for jumping
  • Rider position up to fences (sitting still)
  • Improving pace 
  • Continue to build confidence over fences
  • Division move ups at horse shows 
  • Be a clearer and more consise communicator of my aids with Ellie
Usual Warm Up:
  • Stretchy walk for 5 minutes
  • Warm up trot with loose reins for 5 minutes
  • Down to work with lateral movements (leg yields, shoulder/haunch in) and upward and downward transitions to engage the hind end, circles to focus on bend and rein aids
  • A few minutes of break where she literally drops her nose to the ground to stretch her back
  • Forward canter followed by shortening and lengthening of stride 
About the Horse & Rider:
  • Owned for 2 years, horse just turned 9
  • Discipline change from Endurance to H/J (not without its trials- ahem right lead)
  • Has been to 2 off property horse shows- SUPER STAR
  • Is a DIVA

Even coming up with this short list was hard! Right now we're mostly just about jumping all the fences- equitation and everything in between be damned..... we're just about the jumping!


  1. This is a good exercise to go through, I think. It really makes you clarifying your experience, what you're doing now and where you hope to be.

  2. That sounds like the perfect summary! I hope you love the clinic and get a ton out of it!