Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dover Show Haul

I never got around to posting about my Dover haul prior to the show. Per the usual, I had a relatively tidy list going in with a fleece girth and hairnets on the must have list....naturally that trip didn't go quite as planned.....

Charles Owen Wellington- Why a new helmet? It was on sale of course (I also have, it turns out, a helmet addiction. It's a sickness). But the rivets on my ARY8 are literally blue and/or rusty with corrosion and it's always damp when I put it on- I think it has outlived its three year lifespan. Mind your melon!
RJ Classics Basic- This was THE BEST purchase! The navy jacket my barn friend had given me was just not the right fit and I didn't want to go into my DERBY feeling uncomfortable! Cheap, washable, and a quality to it that surprised me given the price!

Cheapie Girth- I was glad to grab this- my current girth needs some help!

Ogilvy Baby Pad- yeah- for all of those schooling rides we did at the show right? No. Luckily it will come in handy and help us look sharp for our clinic.
I wrestled with the idea of putting one of the above back and buying the navy, gray, and burgundy colors as well! I really want to have them all!

A little extravagant perhaps but I felt great and this gear will go a long way. Pennies on the dollar right? Now I need one of my blogger friends to lend me a one on one coaching session on how to sell stuff on the internet so I can make room! Volunteers requested!


  1. Love Ogilvy. It's a sickness, haha

  2. Ugh yeah I want more ogilvy baby pads. They're the best.

  3. Fun stuff! I need to learn how to sell horse stuff online, too! Maybe someone can do a tutorial?

  4. I have no idea how I wasn't following you before! But I agree that the ogilvy pads are addicting