Tuesday, November 22, 2016

.70-.75 Jumpers

Oh yeah! We did the Jumpers at the Autumn Classic!

I gave the Jumper ring a go around 5 years ago on my half-leased horse, Ben. He had a pretty short stride and would stop in the combinations when I would lean up his neck. It was the vicious cycle of getting nervous, riding backwards, leaning, and stopping- total confidence building right? Not to mention that for some reason Jumper fences look GINORMOUS without the fill of a Hunter fence.
Oh, and trying to remember the courses? Forget it!

Ellie had a lingering cough so we thought throwing a few jumper classes into the mix might help us get galloping and get some coughs out before her Hunter rounds.

Walking into the ring on Friday morning I was a total bundle of nerves. We trotted half of our fences, did a two in the one stride, BUT made it all the way around and had a blast!

Saturday we CANTERED all of our fences....with 22 time faults. I didn't even realize that was possible!

And on Sunday we really went for it and had a great round with only 7 time faults! Fun bits of progress and I was actually disappointed that we did not get to move into the speed phase!

Sunday course! I took advantage of the ring and height and pulled out some purple breeches!