Sunday, November 27, 2016

Autumn Classic Wrap Up

We came, we saw, we schooled.....

That damn cough.

I already shared our super fun time in the a quick Hunter recap......


  • Under saddle- shoot me now. If her swap didn't eliminate us the huge buck she ripped in front of the judge sure did!
  • OF- we went in for one round which was going quite well but she ended up coughing the entire back half of the trip so we scratched the second round. BUT got all my strides!

Saturday (by this point we had stopped braiding):

  • 1st OF Round- OK trip with a super chip to the single oxer (I sat up and waited though!) and a wiggle/ add through the judges line. Little cough but the add warranted a round 2.....
  • 2nd OF Round- Ali said it was the best course she's seen me ride at a show! If it weren't for a few well placed coughs we might have been in the ribbons!

The biggest win of the show were all of the AMAZING photos the show photographer took!


  1. Aw you guys look great!! What a shame about that persistent cough tho - maybe girlfriend needs an inhaler lol

  2. LOVE the photos, and what a HUGE compliment from your trainer! That has to make you feel so so good <3

  3. The photos IMO are the best part of showing. I hope her cough resolves soon!

  4. I hope she feels better soon! Beautiful pictures