Monday, June 17, 2013

Wilbs and Emily: Trail Ride Sunday

Kelly and I had a short chat in our Saturday lesson about making sure my game face is on when I ride Wilbur. Regardless of how particularly confident I am I need to always remember that he's looking to me to tell him it's ok.
So I decided to put on my game face and go out of my comfort zone on Sunday and attempt the short loop trail by ourselves. I'm not very comfortable on trails, and while Wilbs is great with a group I had no idea what to expect. I made sure to have a nice loop in my rein and a relaxed leg and butt even as he skittered around the scary....shadows. And leapt into the air around a bend at.....nothing.
Up, up, up we go! Note the Mountain Lion sign to my left.
 Almost home!
 Stopping to get a look at the arena. Whew. We made it.

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