Monday, April 14, 2014

Ellie's First Show!

Ellie and I managed to make her show debut between packing and moving. And unpacking. Oh the unpacking.
KMT hosted their first show of the year at home which makes attending a no brainer!

We showed in the crossrail division which consisted of two back to back flat classes (Hunter & Eq) and three crossrail courses (Hunter, Eq, Medal).

With our right lead debacles I was much more nervous for our flat. I had the chance to see Emma schooling Ellie in the morning and she was able to get plenty of right leads. And actually I've figured out where I was going wrong- letting my right leg slide back and push her haunch rather than keeping it at the girth to push her shoulder.
Rather than fight with her in the schooling ring I decided to give my theory a whirl in the show ring and use those flat classes as warm ups.

Despite my new found knowledge we managed to canter past the judge twice on the left lead (but managed to fix- in the first class with a flying change and the second class with a simple). Needless to say- with 7 in the class we didn't get any ribbons in our flatwork.

On to crossrails where she jumped around like a champ! Our first course was going smoothly until the last line- a cantering 3 which we managed to trot in and canter out of in a 3.15- after which I said "whoops" really loudly. That might had played a roll in our fourth place finish.

The last two courses were great (we toned down that line and got a nice 4) and we ended up with second in both!

Super happy with her- she did exactly as I expected her to do- be a pill on the flat but do her job around the courses!
Nice work Ellie!
Note: video of our medal at the bottom!


  1. Very exciting. First show under the belt is always a good feeling :)

  2. Aw she's jumping so cute over that one crossrail!

  3. Congrats on the great first show! I love that she has her eyes closed over the jumps in a few pics!

  4. All that green in your background photos makes me suuuuuper jealous. Congrats!

  5. You guys look great!!! Yahoo first show and at home!!

  6. Great job! I love showing at home. It makes it so much more fun.

  7. You look great!! Congratulations - you must be super proud of Ellie :D

  8. Woohooo! She's looking awesome Emily!!