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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Halter!

Little Ellie's new halter from Smartpak came yesterday and I couldn't wait to swing out to the barn to try it on. SP was doing one of their % off sales and it was time that Ellie got her own headgear- the Wilbur plate was confusing the new grooms.
It's a little snug. BUT I checked my SP account this morning and it's the same size and leather as the Wilbur halter which fits her perfectly. So I sent a note to the trainer asking her to keep an eye out for rubs and we'll cross our fingers for some quick stretch! Look at those lashes!


  1. So cute! She has the sweetest face.

  2. She's got such a kind eye and the halter really compliments her face.

  3. ahhhhh love her little face!!!

  4. Such a cutie!! And the halter looks lovely... what brand is it? :)