Sunday, April 6, 2014

Evasive Right Lead

Our lesson today was a bit of a hot mess. Being a former endurance horse, Ellie has not had to spend much time on the right lead. So naturally, while she is very flexible to her left, the right leaves a bit to be desired. And today she did not want to pick up her right lead to save her life. Frankly, it's totally rider error. I'm just not tight enough on my flatwork to push her out to the left and ask firmly for that right lead.
After doing a bunch of circles to the right with limited success, Emma had us take a straight track down each quarterline and ask for the right lead. She picked up the left lead very nicely each time which tells me that she thinks that she's doing the correct response to my ask. I can't fault her for that!

Her response also tells me that while it's fun to pop over fences and I may be a capable enough rider to guide her into straightness in the lines and after, that the nuances of flatwork are evading me right now and she needs to get her fill of pro rides.

Luckily she's a very forgiving girl and has happy to snuggle despite having a spur in her right side all morning! Looking forward to the trails drying up! In the meantime we practice going through puddles.


  1. Well atleast she has an excuse! Huey's right lead is defiantly worse but he's got no "past job experience" excuses!

  2. Puddle practice is always good and don't feel bad about the straightness I feel like that is the typical problem for most of us lol

  3. I love the mane!! My pony's looks like that... :)

    You'll get the right lead, don't worry too much! And puddles are awesome! I need to work on that now since its rained. :)

  4. I have really been struggling with the right lead lately too! And it's completely rider error... Miles isn't green at all. So frustrating when you just have FAILURE on some of the simplest tasks ...

    1. You know- Emma was really good about reminding me not to be frustrated. And I actually wasn't- I mostly just felt bad for her that I wasn't helping with clearer instructions!

  5. Keep working away at will come..!

  6. I swear sometimes flat work is way harder than jumping.

  7. I agree with Lauren sometimes the flatwork is way more challenging! You guys'll get it!

  8. You two are both so new to eachother, it will all come together in no time!! :)

    Woo hoo puddle practice! Henry hates puddles lol! He would rather walk far around them- yet he jumps the liverpool just fine, go figure!