Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I'm feeling disorganized in this new year. Which is why I did not set goals. Case in point- my dear friend got married in September and I am just now sending a wedding gift. So tacky.
And why am I sending this gift 5 months after the fact?
No good reason. When I got my new cell phone (already a month after her wedding) my text messages, where her address is stored, did not port over. I still have the phone- it was just a matter of getting it to a place (my home instead of work) where I could charge it long enough to pull the address. Literally the phone and I just needed to be in the same place with a charger.

So I thought that since I'm not seeing the horses this week (busy in the office with proto review for Spring '16), and have no good new riding news, that I might make a list of things I need to do here on this blog to try and temper my mind.

* Send Tracy from Fly on Over the horses info so she can build my binders! This is a must do now that I need to be in charge of when Wilbur gets shoes and wormed. Right now I have the info she needs scattered between work and the barn. Organize all the horse things!
Due Date: Review what Tracy needs from me on Thursday morning, bring current binder of vet notes to the barn and write down feed instructions. Send info to Tracy on Friday while flying.

* Write down friend's addresses and birthdays in new 2015 diary. Clearly phones cannot be trusted and I cannot be left to my own devices.
Due Date: Flying on Friday

* Set up monthly training for Wilbur with Amanda. This should be pretty easy- I've already met her, just need to shoot and email and drop off a check. Perhaps I should be there for his first session.
Due Date: Realistically? End of January

* Create Pinterest Boards of the furniture I want to buy for the living room.
Due Date: I promised to have to Paul by next Wednesday so this will be flying home Tuesday project

So. I guess written down this list isn't too bad and it looks like if I follow my deadlines I will have most of it completed by next week. Of course I've managed to cram it into 10 hours of flight time to and from....Hawaii!

But for the rest of tonight, until the furnace is fixed, I'll huddle with the kitties by the heater in the bedroom!


  1. If it makes you feel better I got married in May and just sent out my thank you cards haha

  2. oooh hawaii - very exciting!! and i'm the same way, if i don't write these lists down somewhere or get them onto a calendar, these things just don't get done... so frustrating!! good luck!

  3. I love useful plane rides. And about the wedding gift...maybe it's more exciting for them too-like a "you survived 6 months" gift! :)

  4. Feeling disorganized is the worst. Hang in there!

  5. I am in the same boat! I got a planner for Christmas call the Day Designer which has built in goals/to do lists. If you're in the market for help in organizing check it out, so far it's helping me.

  6. ROFL! I saw the title of this post and thought to myself: "I should remind her to send me that info for the binders...." So, you're not really THAT disorganized since you beat me to the punch!!