Monday, January 26, 2015

I am a Responsible Horse Owner

When Wilbur first arrived and Dr. Natasha came out to do her checkup, she wrote, amongst other things, a list of wormers that Wilbur needed and the appropriate months to administer them. 

Like a good soldier I promptly ordered the set from Smartpak and then let it sit in my office for the next month  plus. This past Sunday, the only day this month that I'm not working (not kidding), somewhere from the dark recesses of my brain I managed to remember that we had to do a dose in January.

I opened the box, translated Dr Natasha's writing, and said to myself, "Remember- it's the purple one." Then I did what most people do when they understand the concept but have never performed the action. I watched a YouTube video.

With the wormer in my back pocket, halter over the shoulder, and a vague sense of trepidation I found myself face to face with the beast.

After all that suspenseful build up......there was some head tossing until I finally managed to shove the tube in his mouth and squirt the stuff in. I would call the procedure mildly successful. Most of it ended up down his throat, a little on my hands, and a little on hay pile. I attempted to salvage what was on the ground by making hay/wormer cookie sandwiches which he ate a little resentfully. The allure of the cookie was too much for him.
And I actually have no idea if you're allowed to feed little bits of wormer on cookies. We'll find out if he's still standing tomorrow.
If I did in fact inadvertently try to kill my horse....well....someone just let me know in the comments please!
Tracy- I am sending you this binder to decipher 

All of the wormers

I don't think Wilbur loves it

The two aggressive horses in the herd have moved and I love the quiet bunch he's with!

He is still alive

Someone left jars of jam in front of my locker with no note. I'm slightly concerned that I've stolen someone's preservatives.


  1. Oh my god. I laughed out loud at this. Administering wormer always makes me feel like I'm all thumbs. It gets better, though. :) Hold his head up next time. Just swing around so your shoulder is under his head, stick the wormer in the side of his mouth, squirt, and use your body to keep his head in the air until he swallows the nasty stuff. Works for me! However you can get it down his throat is good enough! Just make sure you wash your hands and don't let dogs lick up the mess, and you'll be a-okay.

    Wilbur is such a cute!

  2. I usually end up wearing some wormer.
    Score on the free jam - take it and run! :)

  3. lol awesome! glad your horse isn't dead - tho good luck surviving your busy work schedule!!!!