Thursday, January 29, 2015

I am an Irresponsible Horse Owner

Today I got a text from the barn manager at Brown Ranch who also keeps her gelding, Cooper, in the pasture with Wilbur. She was letting me know that she noticed a huge tangle in Wilbur's tail and suggested I work it out before the tail starts to break.

Some people might be like- "scuse me?" I was like- "You are the most amazing person ever. Call me on my shit." Because really? He's had that knot for like a month and every time I go out and visit him I think, "Hey Emily, at some point you should be a responsible person and make your horse presentable."  That text shamed me into finally dragging some Cowboy Magic and Avocado Spray (as well as my trusty, PINK, Oster comb) out the the pasture.

At first I tugged at it a little tentatively and then I just started pulling. It was less of a knot and more of a fancy french braid. Seriously I actually wondered if some small child had gone out there and braided his tail.

But even beyond cajoling me into taking care of my horse, the text showed me that someone else is keeping watch- which in my tenuous attempt at "self-care" is worth its weight in gold!
"After" tail. Can we say "ready to show?"


  1. I loved it when my Barn Manager would shoot me a text and tell me to do something, haha. A little bit of guilt on the owner side is nothing compared to KNOWING that my horse was being looked after when I'm not able to be there :) I loved knowing someone was paying attention to the little things :)

  2. Mystic gets reallllly bad mane tangles but her tail always seems good. But those mane tangles are ugly and I usually end up cutting big chunks out. I think she purposely rolls in sap and tumbleweeds. I'm sure Wilbur feels fab with his new tail :)

  3. During the winter I try really hard to not touch Miles' tail. At all. Unless absolutely necessary lol

  4. haha awesome - tho i may have been tempted to reply with something along the lines of 'didn't you know big knotty tails is the latest big trend??'

  5. Lol it is nice knowing someone is watching out for him!