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Monday, April 27, 2015

Enabling, Math, and Dublin River Boots

I am terrible at math- utterly and completely horrible.
I'll tell you though- I'm VERY good at retail math and some quick figuring led me to purchase my long coveted Dublin River Boots.

I don't typically fall prey to the $900 FB Pony's enabling tactics however a flash sale code on Riding Warehouse coupled with a savvy commenter on the blog took me on a trip over to RW. Not to purchase River Boots, mind you, but to do some work. That's the irony here. Emily is my name, price protection is my game.

But while I was visiting I thought I should check out the Dublins. The commenter mentioned a few select sizes in regular calf and what were the chances really? Oh- just a size 8 left in wide calf? Oh- priced at $129.95 off of a $239 MSRP? Oh- and a 15% discount? Oh- and overnight free shipping? I can't even share the final total because everyone would be just so jealous. Let's just say that I'm not sure I could have come much closer to original wholesale.

I feel as though at this juncture I should mention that Ariat has some FABULOUS Country performance boots coming out this Fall- however none in wide calf just yet- which is why I needed to act quickly to insure my feet stay dry!

What have I learned from this experience? That Riding Warehouse is super quick and accurate (once I placed my order there was no longer to ability the purchase any Wide Calf Dublin's on the product page- SO important for best customer experience) and that no one, I mean no one, is capable of turning a blind eye to an awesome sale! I may have jumped up, squealing, and fist pumped for a moment.
I did tell my husband about these boots rather than sneak them into the boot closet under the cover of darkness. How could I not? I'm actually SAVING money!


  1. I've had the same pair of Dublin River Boots for over 4 years now! They're physically holding up to working in a barn 6 days a week and I wear them almost all fall, winter and most of spring. The only issue I'm having now is they aren't 100% waterproof and my re-waterproofing efforts aren't working as well as I would like. I may be purchasing new ones soon. I hope yours last as long as mine did!!

  2. RIDING WAREHOUSE FTW! That's about how I ended up with my Dublin wide calf boots, only I've been lusting after them for years and Amanda introduced me to RW. Got them for a steal of a deal, and I absolutely LOVE these boots!! :)

  3. Great find!! Verrrry curious to see what 'country' boots Ariat is coming out with. I dig the functionality of the Dubarry & all knockoffs, but not sure I like the clunky, slouchy look!

  4. Great score. I love my River boots (also purchased from RW - who I also really really love).

  5. Ahh! Nice- definitely having boot envy over here!

  6. Fun!! Someday I will cave and get a pair--a sale like that would have been the ticket, I think. :-)

  7. haha awesome! i hope you love the boots! i picked up mountain horse's version of the river boots and wear them constantly :)

  8. I'm so in to Riding Warehouse right now. Those boots are great -- But now I want to see the Ariats!