Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The "Old Me" Week

This week I seemed to have reverted back to the "old me"- I stopped out at the barn tonight with no intention of doing anything other than feeding a few treats and writing a check. I'm hopeful that I can squeeze in a Friday afternoon lesson because that will be my only ride during the workweek.

Tuesday was my fault. I woke up at 4:50 to a torrential downpour and promptly cancelled my 7am  lesson. I cited rain, early morning, fresh horse- all legit- but I also have a secret. I'm terrified to drive in the rain, particularly in the dark. I've been known to get off the highway and take back roads all the way home. Of course when I woke up again at 7 it was sunny and I felt a bit of shame for my wussiness.

The other "bad influence" contributing to my lack of ride time- work of course! A big two weeks with lots of meetings and fun but also some very long days. I should point out that my lovely job pays for this expensive hobby so I shouldn't be to hard on it. I love you, job.

Tomorrow our team is going to a screening of The Longest Ride (go see it!!!) and I'm hopeful to get out to the barn with enough sun left to graze Ellie and see the juniors jump around. Then on to Friday!
When in doubt, lick your gate


  1. Ohhh i want to see that movie!!

  2. Be sure to share how the movie is :)

  3. I'm having a "work got in the way" week too. But how much can it really get in the way when it pays the bills?

  4. i also dislike driving in the dark and rain... and early mornings and work in general haha, so yea i definitely understand :)