Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hop On, Hop Off

Some nights winning means just getting on.
Who calls a 7am meeting? * Hides head in shame* Who then reconvenes at 4pm to discuss the same topic? *Hides head in shame*

Due to said late meeting running until all hours of the evening I did not make my 6pm lesson tonight but wanted to get out while the group was still around as Ellie had a light day Sunday and her day off yesterday. Glad I did. Despite already being schooled she was still bright eyed- which as we know, means head flinging, snuffling with head flinging, circling the mounting block like a banshee, and prancing. Yes....... Prancing.

Ground manners mare.  I did manage to get on after wrangling the unicorn. For a moment. Just to say I did.

Another fun SISTER photo as we ride into the city in an Uber! Livin' the life!


  1. I agree, sometimes after a long day the best we can do is get out there and get on!

  2. ugh my mare prances like that too... i guess they have those kind of days too!

  3. Everyone's got spring fever, apparently!