Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Private Flat Lesson

Today I meant to leave work at 2 to get to the barn with plenty of time to tack up for my lesson at 4. That didn't quite happen, and despite the hour prediction on Waze, I still made it in plenty of time. Whew.

But when I looked at the board I saw that I was the only noted 4pmer. And then I got a nervous- like preparing myself for the worst in case Diane forgot or something. Nope- she was there right on time and gave me a flat lesson like I've never had before. I have puppy wrists (floppy) and open fingers and I need to squeeze with my thigh because Ellie doesn't like the lower leg. It was just great to have the private time with Diane, not jumping, but working on things that will make me a better rider.


  1. Love those lessons! Also your barn is gorgeous.

  2. sounds intense!! but i kind of love a flat lesson that really digs into the details of *me*