Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lots of Jumps- In a Row!

That's a lot of arrows in my diagram below. Why? Because we jumped a lot of fences in our lesson today! All in a row!

I've rewritten this post a few times because it's hard to put into words how wonderful things are without sounding as though the old program wasn't great. Because there were so many amazing things about it.

But Ellie and I seem to be thriving at Westhaven. After my first lesson the spurs came off.....because they weren't needed. Ellie is moving forward off of my leg and she is getting time in the rig and on hills to strengthen her back end.
No more sassy faces and crabby canter departures. Whereas I wouldn't dare attempt a flying we get them more often than naught.

We're jumping....a lot. There are still nerves to be sure- but they aren't as paralyzing as they were before. I am getting the focused attention that we need- whether in a private lesson or in our small groups. We're working over small fences building confidence (and pace, track, straightness). The below represents the first attempt at a 2'6" course....really ever. And it was just fine.

After our lesson I went with another rider out on the trails and through the hunt field on the property. I love riding with a group of adults. Similar to the equestrian bloggers- they are working professionals enjoying horses as a hobby. We all struggle with similar things and it feels as though even group lessons are tailored towards the individual rider.

Of course there will be struggles and challenges down the road- I'm just super pleased with the progress we're making!


  1. Your barn sounds like a lot of fun. I miss group adult lessons.

  2. i love riding with groups of adults too haha. so glad these lessons seem to be working so well for you and Ellie!

  3. Sounds like awesome progress!! A good group of adult riders can make lessons much more fun :)

  4. Yay! Sounds like a great place for you two!