Thursday, July 9, 2015


My parents were visiting for the Holiday weekend and seemed impressed that I was up and riding on Friday at 7:30 before meeting them later in the day. I rather sheepishly admitted that Ellie had a chiropractic appointment at 8 that we had to be done before. Because when you say out loud that your horse has a chiropractor in the company of folks who don't have horses it just sounds.... odd.

Tina is an Emma contact and has been in the biz of equine chiropractics for 30 years. She ventures to California monthly from her home in Oregon and worked on Ellie a few times while she was at KMT.
Tina was kind enough to come out to Westhaven for an appointment and also squeezed in some time to work on a few others before heading to the airport. I'm glad because it sounds like she'll be coming back on a monthly basis now!

Ellie tends to only need an adjustment every 8 weeks or so- just a quick pop to get her poll back in place on her right side. Tina gave us some carrot stretches and back exercises to do before and after rides to help in between adjustments.

Now I just need to find a chiropractor for myself!
A little crack! Ellie literally sleeps with her face in poop. 

Luckily Mom was on hand to help me with stretches! 


  1. haha i know what you mean about ppl looking at us funny when we talk about our horse's chiro appt, or fitting, or 'pedicure', etc etc lol

  2. My grey sleeps on his "poo pillow" too. It's nice and warm lol ;D

  3. Henry LOVES his chiro appointments!!

    I need to find one for me too!!

  4. Lol, yup Pongo has "his people", chiro, body worker and farrier. He's had like 4 adjustments and monthly massages my whole, 1 massage, 2 pedis and 2 chiro. Ha!