Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bay Area Blogger Meetup

Wow! What an incredible meetup of Bay Area Equestrian Bloggers! There were actually so many of us that I didn't get a chance to chat with everyone!

I'd had a pretty early start to the day getting both Ellie and Wilbur ridden and came to lunch straight from the barn....I figured this crowd wouldn't mind my Sunday Best e.g. dirt smudged breeches.

Pulling into the parking lot I saw a gaggle of gals pulling up chairs and I just knew....these were my people. In fact, as though by some sort of weird apparition, it looked like everyone was wearing riding clothes. Nope. Just me.

When I spotted Karley, it was like seeing an old friend. After all, I'd been following her blog for 3+ years and we've always been like ships passing in the night at various horsey events but never actually had the chance to meet.

And then Lindsay showed up which was this giant, wonderful surprise! While she doesn't publish a blog herself- she following the Bay Area group and we've become friends via Facebook. It was another one of those- 'I feel like we must have already met because I know you' moments. The best part was that she wasn't on the email thread going around so it truly was a surprise!

Olivia brought everyone a goody bag of horse cookies, tagged with her very own DIY screen printed mule- awesome and so thoughtful!

 I definitely had a 'small world' moment when Nicole and I realized that we use the same *equine* chiropractor- a perfect reminder that I needed to get Tina back out!

I hadn't known about Kat's blog prior to the meetup- excited to read about her continued adventures with Holly! There were some new additions to my reading list and it was so nice to put faces with blogs! I was one of the first to leave (thinking that booking a 4pm appointment against an 11:30am lunch was safe) and we had easily gabbed for three hours!

And of course L has a knack for bringing everyone together and making great conversation. She has promised me a visit to meet Ellie and Wilbur- I'm holding her to it!

My takeaway from this adventure is simply....when can we do it again?!? What a great group of ladies!

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There in spirit:
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  1. BEST LUNCH EVER!!! This community is so cool!

  2. It was definitely an awesome experience! I hope everyone can meet up again :D

  3. Look at all those beautiful faces!! How fun!

  4. Oh thank goodness you LABELED EVERYONE. I'm still over here trying to put names to faces, I only managed about half. Lots of fun meeting new folks!

  5. Great to meet you. I'm glad you liked the treats. Thanks for linking everyone's blogs.

  6. Oh this looks like so much fun!

  7. Aww, I feel the same way about you! Thank you for welcoming an avid blog stalker into the mix :P We should totally try to get together some Sunday, I'd love to meet the exquisite Ellie and wonderful Wilbur!

  8. So sad to have missed it - but DEFINITELY coming to the next one!!!

  9. I'm so glad I chose socializing over sleep, it was great meeting people with different backgrounds. I couldn't believe how fast time went!

  10. Ah what a blast! I want to make a trip to the bay area now!

  11. So much fun! I would have been in riding clothes had it been a week or two later :) can't wait for the next one!

  12. So awesome! I have yet to find any bloggers in my area... if you can even count me a blogger anymore. How behind am I?!?! Haha!