Thursday, June 16, 2016

Karen Healey Clinic: Sunday

I've been having a bear of a time trying to get my videos to upload. But I am SO glad I have them since Sunday passed in somewhat of a blur of slight panic.

Karen set up a solid Eq oriented course and I knew there was some cause for concern when we all moved out to the rail, got into two point, and held it through most of our walk and trot flatwork. Oh why did I not participate in two-point October?!?

After working on the flat and through some pole exercises we move on to fences. Karen would have each person do a course once, twice, and as they slowly fell apart (or not for a few lucky riders) would dig into root causes. 

To tee this video up, we had done a fine job the first time around, less than a fine job the second, and the start of the video is fence number 2 of our third round. Ouch. 

Karen focused on fundamentals of basic riding- heels down, tall body, relaxed shoulders.....generally good equitation. These are things that we all KNOW but somehow when Karen said them it was as though the sea parted and the path was clear.

For us the root cause is pace. I know this. But it took Karen saying so that has made us actually go forward in the subsequent rides following the clinic.

What a privilege to ride with such an amazing horsewoman!


  1. What a cool clinic! You guys look great :D

  2. Awesome!!! So lucky you are to have had that opportunity!!

  3. ha it always sounds so simple right? but it never is... nicely done and glad you got so much out of it!

  4. Nice! I am working on the same things -- more pace, going forward, keeping the horse in front of your leg. Sounds so simple... but it's hard!