Monday, June 13, 2016

Wilbur's Visit

So yeah. Surprise!

Wilbur moved into Ellie's barn last week! This wasn't entirely out of the blue- we'd actually planned it about a month ago.

Amanda, his trainer at Brown, had decided to move to a different part of California and she left mid-May. Which left Wilbur without training rides and fewer eyes on him during the week.

Case in point, I checked my phone when we got back from services in Ohio and found a text from Paul which read, "I'm sorry to do this. Missed a call from barn M a minute ago. Msg about horse colic and wanted a vet number. Don't have any addl info,"
Followed up by another text 25 minutes later, "Disregard. It was another horse that looks similar to Wilbur."

It was one of those awful circumstances where care had been arranged with a fellow boarder, who then also had a family emergency, and this was the one day where there was to be a lapse in check-in.

Anyway- if he stayed at Brown he would have continued to marinate in turnout, get even fatter (how?!?), and live on the dole indefinitely.

Both Ali and Diane seemed positive about his prospects! That is until I got on him Friday, he bumped into the mounting block, and spun a 360 like a cutting horse. Diane kindly suggested that maybe he needed a whirl in the round pen. Nope- he just spooked himself. Not the ideal first impression Wilbs!

He was much more settled on Saturday and got a nice long turnout on Sunday. Happy to have them both at the same spot for the time being!


  1. aww glad that they are in one place nice and safe!

  2. "It was another horse that looks similar to Wilbur" is a horrifying phrase on a few levels when it comes to horse care... Exciting that Wilbur is back with you and Ellie tho!!

  3. It's going to be so nice to have them both in one place!

  4. So nice to have them together! Hope it works out and he finds a person soon.

  5. That is so terrifying about the mistaken colic!