Thursday, October 6, 2016

Ears Forward Ellie

Ears forward Ellie. To me that means that she is looking at something she shouldn't be or about to do something terrible. But in my 8am lesson on Tuesday and my 5:30pm lesson on Wednesday, it actually meant that she's engaged. In fact, while we were warming up on Wednesday Ali noted that she hasn't seen Ell with her ears so perked while just doing flatwork. Winning!

So as I rode around clutching my reins I asked Ali to please understand that I need a moment to get used to ears forward. Ellie actually is not going for attempted murder but maybe, just maybe is enjoying her job.

We've started riding in the Jumper ring versus our big oval ring. It has a bank, a little down hill/ uphill thing (I don't know the technical term), and a tree growing right in the middle of it! Maybe a little change of scenery? More things to keep her busy? Riding at some different times of the day in the cool, Fall weather? Whatever magic is in the air, I'll take it.
Or maybe it's the overnight turnouts. Yes. I said it. On Wednesday Ellie had her dinner in turnout and got to stay out until the next morning. Tell me where else in Cali there is "pasture" board? It makes me so happy.