Monday, October 3, 2016

Strides & Tides: Pro Day

For Ellie's last two shows I had been able to see her go on both Pro days- Wed & Thurs. For Sonoma Strides & Tides I was only able to make it out for day 2. I had heard that Ellie had been a good girl but the competition was stiff. For some reason Sonoma wasn't running the Baby Green Division but instead had a 2'6" Open- which meant she had some former Derby horses, some current Derby horses, and just generally nice finished horses in her division. Naturally I was totally miffed about until she got 5th out of 19th in one of her classes.  

OMG- yes- I am very aware that I am the overzealous Mom standing on the sidelines shouting asking why there are Varsity players in the JV league. 

I think she's just about ready for Pre Greens! 


  1. Yeah I get miffed too, just wait until you have the big jumper imports from europe playing in your Pre Green division! That made me so angry!

  2. I would also be miffed! She's looking fabulous though.