Thursday, October 20, 2016

Three Foot What?

A few weeks ago Ellie and I jumped a 3' standalone fence. TWICE!

We were jumping around some 2'9" fences and this vertical had been riding really well so I nonchalantly suggested we put it up. Like so chill. "Hey- why don't we just put that up a hole?"

It wasn't until I was riding towards it that I realized the gravity of my situation. But it showed up.....a little deep, I sat back a hair, and over we went. That was the first time....the time not captured on video.

The second time I was like, oh shit I don't see anything! Pace! Kick! Run! Maybe if I Wiggle/Twerk a bit something amazing will happen. Nope- just a little long.

I usually get super excited when we "move up" but this just felt like we'd finally gotten to a place where the real work begins.