Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bell Boots: Weigh In

Ellie is forging and it should be corrected easily within the next few shoeing cycles by the farrier......but in the meantime....BELL BOOTS!

What are your favorites and why?

PSA: I will take all advice into account but will likely buy the Davis Boots in Purple Glitter. How can I not?

My list of potential candidates:
1. Back on Track Bell Boots
2. Eskadron Rubber Bell Boots
3. KL Select Italian Bell Boots
4. Professional Choice Ballistic Overreach Boot
5. Professional Choice Quick Wrap Bell Boot
6. Davis Bell Boots


  1. Italian pull-on's #1 for sure. Second choice would be the cheaper $10 pull-ons. After that there is no third choice... I won't do anything BUT pull-on. Velcro annoys the hell out of me and the overreach boots sit more snug and a bit higher up than I prefer. That said - I'm a major bell boot snob, soooo...

  2. I haven't had to use them so I can't really give any advice but I will say the pull-ons seem to be a pain in the butt to, well you know, pull on! :)

  3. The pull-on's are a huge pain, but the velco just can't handle the amount of time mine is outside and it even irritated her a bit at the closure. So I always just grit my teeth and/or find someone stronger than I to get them on. I'm a big fan of the KL select and Eskadron's pull on ones.

  4. I use the KL Select gummy bell boots. Simon lives in them, and I switch to black velcro for showing. Those purple sparkly ones give bad rubs to horses in my experience.

  5. Purple...glitter....whoa. Yes I'd be going with those myself! :)

  6. So Miles forges (especially at the walk... which is weird IMO) but anyways, the only bell boots that I've found that actually worked are the pull on gummys { I have Bevals } a size larger than regular. So medium Eskadrons fit him, but they weren't long enough... Large Bevals work great, and Miles lives in them.

  7. HATE HATE HATE pull ons. HATE.

    Maybe the gummy ones are better--I think I've only used the black ones and pretty much just lost a finger nail a day. That said, they do stay on well, so if you're looking for 24/7 protection, they are a good option.

    I have some of the boots with fleece that aren't supposed to rub and I'm really not impressed. Rubber doesn't build up gunk like fleece does, so I think plain rubber is less likely to run in the first place.

    I don't love the no-turn boots for 24/7 use for the same reason--cheat grass, weeds, mud, and sand can build up under them and rub the horse.

    If you're just talking about under saddle use, though, anything works.

  8. I always just go to Western Saddlery and buy 3-4 pull ons and 3-4 velcro ones ... Henry lives in bell boots lol!

  9. The Italian pull ins are worth the money because they stretch better than the cheap version and I thought they were longer for better coverage. Loop two pieces of twine through to help pull on onside out and then flip down and pull the twine out. Easier that way! I used every bell boot available on my TB who pulled shoes a lot and the Italians worked the best!

  10. Pull ons, darn auto correct!

  11. Inside out. First comment ever and it is full of mistakes!