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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wilbur Update

Slowly but surely plans are being finalized to move Wilbur to a barn in the Bay area.

Paul is (mostly) on board, I found a great place, and his Pioneer vet will be able to help with whatever is needed in the new facility.

A big decision with a lot of considerations- time and money being two of the top- but I knew Marlene's place was not a permanent solution.

So we'll see. Timeline is up in the air but thinking about mid-Sept to let him settle in before rainy season.
It'll be nice to spend some QT with the most handsome guy!


  1. I hope he gets to come closer!

  2. So exciting! It'll be great to have him close to home!

  3. Such a handsome boy!! Hope he comes closer to home soon :)