Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stepping Sideways

We jump! For the first time in about two weeks- my confidence had been running a little low.
Rode in the indoor ring today- aka. sauna- and will continue to until the new outdoor footing is delivered on Monday.
Just a few trot fences and a line that we trotted into. One step forward, a few steps sideways. Ellie has a nice jump so we're working on slowing my body and hands down over the fence to allow her to come up to me. A concept I find particularly challenging since there's literally a millisecond of "airtime" in which to slow your body.
We actually had some success in eq modification so I consider it a win. Especially since I lost like 5 pounds in water weight alone.
Ellie got a rinse and finally got to go back and finish her hay. The look on her face says it all. "For the love of Gosh Mom...."


  1. She is so so so so so cute, LOVE! Glad jumping went better:)

  2. Ooooo new footing and jumping :)

  3. That concept of allowing the horse to come up to you and close your body angle for you is one I have really, really struggled with... and I'm still not certain I totally get it, haha