Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blogger Meetup in the Lone Star State

I had the chance to meet Lauren over at She Moved to Texas when I was in Austin for our sales meeting-  which is basically a miracle in itself as our time is normally scheduled down to the minute with these things.

Of course I didn't make it easy on her. This particular meeting I had flown in a day early and actually had a three hour break on Sunday before the Welcome reception. So when I got a comment from her suggesting we meet up I said SURE! But I need you to come out to Hyatt Lost Pines Resort located in the middle of nowhere and you cannot come before 2pm and you must leave before 5pm.
Bossy much? So in a flurry of late Saturday evening text messaging we etched out a rough plan and, like the trooper she is, showed up at the resort at 3pm on the dot.

Lauren is a super cool chick! We had a late lunch and gabbed about life and everything in it- including of course- the ponies and blogging. I want her to move to California and be my best friend.

When lunch came to an end I reverted back to my dork self, dragged her from conference room to conference room looking for S '15 English product to show, and then grabbed her shoulders (shaking her slightly) while saying "I am SO happy we got to do this" in a slightly maniacal way. Oh man. I suppose it's better than just blurting out something like- "I really like you- can we be friends?"

But seriously. I think all equestrian bloggers could be like some large, slightly dysfunctional group of best friends. It reminds me a bit of college- everyone lumped together with a few common interests (beer and frat parties- what?)- the circumstances and similarities creating easy camaraderie and a few life-long besties.
Writing and horses. Probably a more productive set of hobbies than the aforementioned.

A big THANKS to Lauren for taking time out of her weekend to meet up- so much fun!


  1. Completely agree about how we're all a big dysfunctional group of buddies! I really enjoyed meeting you and YOU need to move to TEXAS and be my best friend ;)

  2. yup, errybody should just move to Texas.

  3. =) Love real life blogger meet ups! I would have said something so dorky and embarrassing =P