Monday, March 23, 2015

Case of the Mondays: Spring Vaccination Edition

Usually a Monday optimist, today was no exception. In fact- it was a special Monday- Wilbur was scheduled for his Spring vaccinations!
I had lined up the farrier to shoe in the morning so he would be ready for a nice jog when the vet arrived at 11.

Arriving shortly before our scheduled time I was disappointed to find my farrier check still at the barn but before I even had to follow up, received a text that there was a scheduling conflict and was Thursday ok? There's good and bad here. The good being that my farrier does a great job and he can shoe Wilbur without me being there. Seriously huge. The bad is that lately there have been a few scheduling conflicts and we're stretching out our 6 week cycle much longer than I'd prefer.

I sat in my car ruminating over how sad I felt for Wilbur's feet while there were intermittent burst of tiny rainstorms- the idea of standing the rain during is vet visit is less than thrilling. Making matters worse- a very vocal orange cat kept meowing and scratching at my drivers side door.

11:30 rolled around and I tried to call my vet and then called Pioneer Equine Hospital. I certainly don't mind waiting I just wanted to make sure I hadn't mistaken the day or time. Nope- she should be there in a few I was told.
Noon rolls around and I text the vet for an ETA. Between 1:30/2? Apparently I was down on her schedule for a 1pm- a miscommunication from the office. Such is life- I was just glad I got to leave and grab a little lunch. So long productive work day.

My vet and tech arrive and we troop out to grab Wilbur (it is now sunny and warm). She says he's looking great- good weight- that he's a special guy. Have I mentioned I love my vet?
She checks his heartbeat, runs his temp. Whoops- running a fever at 103. Looking really concerned, she recommends some blood work and gives him some Banamine. By this point I'm also very concerned and I ask what in the world this could mean? Nothing- just a virus going around the herd. But unfortunately he can't get his vaccinations today so she's going to have to come back out.

Le sigh. So I will be out taking temps, dosing Banamine, and feeding electrolytes until his fever goes down. I have called in horsey husband favors and Paul will be accompanying me to the barn tomorrow for my first visit. Nurse Emily to the rescue!

I lurv getting shots Mum! 


  1. Poor Wilbur! Hope the fever is gone.

    How frustrating to have the whole day wasted like that! I would be so angry!

  2. Awh poor Wilbur! :( I hope he's feeling better!

  3. aw what a bummer - so frustrating when one thing after another gets messed up... so much for carefully laid plans right? hope all is better soon!

  4. Aw, poor Wilbur! I hope he's feeling better ASAP!