Sunday, March 22, 2015

Seconds Please!

I've enjoyed riding a few "seconds" this week. My time in the irons has increased dramatically- riding five days a week- and this week two of those five rides I had two horses!

I regularly hack Jinx on Fridays- his owner work in San Fran and has trouble getting to the barn at a reasonable time. In addition to our usual ride, Lex had a major Tuesday deadline so I was able to pick up a last minute night ride after my lesson. I had to laugh, as the last KMT riders still in the ring Brook had forgotten about me and put Ellie's bridle in the lost and found box. Classic. I could picture her grumbling under her breath about messy kids.

This morning I happened to be in earshot of Brook and working student, Rouie, when Brook mentioned that Kelly's baby, Albert, needed a hack. Rouie had not brought her gear and without hesitation I piped up and said I could hack him. It wasn't until after I'd offered my "services" did I realize that Albert had been in pasture for 6 months and back at the barn for less than a week.
With that I hesitated for just a moment, but had ridden him before so felt like I had some baseline, and we had a really lovely time.
I think I need to add another baby to my flock.

Feeling lucky to get the extra ride time this week!!!