Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Real Person Furniture

After a year (has it really been a year?) of living in our house we finally bought some furniture. Seriously- our TV has been residing on an oversized tupperware.

Our chairs and sofa will be arriving in April however our new "thing that will sit below the TV when it's mounted on the wall" arrived. I wouldn't stretch to call it an entertainment center. I think it will hold some books, succulents, and perhaps a framed photo.

I call it "real people furniture" because this is the first thing I've bought that showed up on a truck preassembled. Like- here's your table. Thanks, that's all.

And I really, really like it. The table and the lack of required tools.


  1. Real people furniture is awesome. Were lucky that Kyles parents gave him a lot of stuff in addition to having a lot of furniture from my parents so we're only in lack of a few big items. Woohoo home ownership and real furniture ;)

  2. Love that table! Moving friends supplied the furniture in our house and I look forward to getting some things of my choosing...but who are we kidding I would rather get a new bridle! ;)

  3. Nice! And apparently cat-approved lol

  4. i feel like its a never ending task to furnish a house lol