Monday, March 16, 2015

Group Lesson!

Group Lesson tomorrow night! Usually I get a little stressed in groups- all that pressure to perform and horses cantering around. There's a small adult ammy group at 6pm on Tuesday nights that I'm going to join and I'm super excited to be riding with my adult ammy friend, Dawn! She has been rehabbing her friend, Pepper, and seem to be having the same challenges getting our fabulous horses to canter for us. I am not alone!
Dawn and Pepper!


  1. Groups are a mixed bag for me. Hope it goes well!

  2. have fun!! i've actually always preferred group lessons bc they're longer, seem like less pressure (bc the trainer's attention is split between everyone rather than just focused with laser-like intensity on me), and i'm a very visual learner who can usually absorb a lot from watching others work through issues that i may or may not have had to face

    hope you have a great time!