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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dover Grand Opening

I attended the Thursday evening Dover Grand Opening with a few coworkers and friends....and the place was a mad house. But so, so fabulous! 

If you can believe it, I didn't buy a single thing- it was so packed you could barely get close enough to swipe a crop or pair of gloves. I did manage to try on a Samshield and First Lady for comparison purposes- it was such a luxury to actually be able to see fit! 

I contented myself with cleaning and organizing my trunks on Sunday and looking at the things I have but never actually use as a consolation prize. 


  1. Love Dover! I didn't buy anything on at our grand opening either :)

  2. I need one of those up here!

  3. oooh exciting! i love our local dover too :)

  4. Dang! I am glad I didn't go up Thursday.

  5. Dover's stores are really beautiful! I attended the grand opening of one in Cincinnati