Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ears Pricked

PAUL came to the barn on Saturday! Of course I was SO excited to show him how far we'd come since he's last seen me ride....but my ulterior motive was to get some blog content....Emily actually rides her horse sometimes.

Poor Paul- he had no idea the wrath he was in for when he innocently commented shortly after the lesson that my phone had run out of storage and his phone had died.

He had some work to finish up today and since I have staunchly decided that I will not work, nor be guilt-ed into working on the weekends, went to get a pedicure which then led to a glass of wine at a local wine bar happy hour before heading home. While I was perusing the still photos (apologies for the pixel- fail..... sweetie- it's called zoom) I realized that I had a gem of a shot on my hands. It was all I could to not to jet out on my wine to get to this blog. A picture of "Ever Angry Ellie" with her ears FORWARD! It does happen occasionally and here was photographic proof!

Paul- all is forgiven.