Monday, November 23, 2015


Somebody came out to look at Wilbur on Friday with their trainer and liked him enough to set up a prepurchase exam.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, feeling sad on my way out to the barns. Should I even stop and visit Wilbur? Will it make me more sad? But I packed this tiny bag of carrots just for him!

I stopped of course.

As he was walking towards me I noticed something glinting on his face. Huh.
Gah! Jesus! What do I do?!?

Freak out and call the vet is what I do. After sending a series of photos and awaiting a response I said, "Man up Emily and freaking go to Westhaven, get some triple antibiotic stuff, and a working student to help." After texting this plan to the vet- she promptly responded with a "stitches needed, don't touch."
 Two hours later, Wilbur was sewn up and looked good as new!  Well....kinda. In addition to slicing open his face, he managed to bang a major nerve and his nose is lilting to one side. Awesome. Way to look neurological right before a vet check!

And Sunday began the outpatient care- Dex, Bute, Swat. Luckily I've passed the baton to his trainer this week to keep up with and will be back out tomorrow with the vet for a recheck and vaccinations! Oh Wilbur.


  1. What a turkey!!

    I was delivering a horse I sold once and she totally skinned her face in the trailer on the way there- I was so embarrassed lol

  2. Oh Wilbur! That's not the right way to find your dream home.

  3. aww poor baby! hopefully it doesn't muss up any ppe plans

  4. Oh no! What terrible timing. Sending healing vibes your way!!